Mixed Brand Jeans


Name Brand Jeans Mix

Ladies Name Brand Jeans


  •  Men’s & Women’s
  •  Bales are 50% men and 50% women. No changes.
  • You will get a mix of brands sold in U.S. Department Stores (ex. Lee, Calvin Klein, Jordache, Abercrombie & Finch, and many more.
  • All bales are different.
  • You cannot choose your brands or sizes.
  • Sold as assorted sizes – we give you a good assortment.
  • Jeans are packed in 100 lb. bales. (approximately 75  jeans per bale depending upon the weight of the jeans in your order).
  • The minimum order is (2) bales (100 lbs each bale). You can mix the bales with the shorts, or Levi’s jeans to complete your order.
  • Your cost is $495 per bale plus shipping.

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