Levi’s Shorts


used levis shorts


  • USA only!
  • All Levi’s – assorted styles
  • Folded and boxed – 50 pairs per box
  • All orders are different – no breakdown
  • Women’s Sizes  0 – 14 – assorted. Larger sizes are available on request. Each load is different.
  • Men’s Sizes  32 – 42 – assorted & assorted lengths – each load is different.
  • Cutoffs with frayed bottoms – no hems – you can cuff or roll for a different style or fray the bottoms more if you like them that way.
  • Cannot choose your models – must take mix – no breakdown
  • 95% blue – some black & gray.
  • Sold by the pair – Each pair is 3/4 lb to 1 lb weight
  • Folded & packed in boxes but can be packed into 100 lb bales if you prefer
  • Minimum purchase USA 100 shorts can mix with jeans to meet minimum order requirement
  • Your cost:
    • Grade A:  $5.50 per pair
    • Grade B:  not available
    • Grade C:  $4.50 per pair 


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