It’s rare to get testimonials in the wholesale business. But, some potential buyers have asked if we have any. So we are starting now and would love it if you have order from us before and would like to say something about our products or customer service.

Customer Received the Wrong Order:
Atlantic Surplus Response:
Hi Cora:
We are going to send you the 50 Grade C Levi’s that you didn’t get. You do not have to pay the freight. This is our mistake. You can also keep the other jeans. Don’t send them back. If you can’t use them, donate them. We will get your Grade C jeans out as soon as we can. Right now we’re swamped with orders. I’ll keep on it and let you know as soon as we can ship. 

Tue, Jun 23, 4:52 PM
Coral L. Oh wow..that is awesome!! Thank you so much! Now that is how you keep a customer! Thank you!!
Mon, Sep 21, 12:10 PM
Amber B. Hi! I got my shipment and I love them!! I’m looking to make another purchase. Can you give me the price of 100 pairs of grade B Levi’s jeans?